Friday, January 11, 2013

Yep, I think I Got It Lord!

God has been so near to me today. I was grumbling about in my mind to Him today about things I wanted to change about myself. Lord I want to change this, I want to change that. I was feeling so disgusted with myself because I seem to struggle with the same old things over and over (and over)! I have turned over a new leaf so many times that the leaf has disintegrated! Why can't it just "click" for me? Some of the things that I struggle with just seem to be a second nature for most people. (You're telling on yourself, Carisa).
It was then that God spoke to me, as plain as day, "Look how far you've come." So I began looking at what has been accomplished in my life lately. Some amazing things truly have come about in my life for sure! In my mind I said back to Him, "But Lord, that was all brought about by YOUR hand. That was nothing that I did!" 

If I could've seen God's face right then it probably held a little smile. His head probably slightly nodded. He knew the point "hit" me before I got the thought completely thought. He made his point well. He has a way of doing that, you know.
After that happened it began to set the scene for the inspiration of the quote below.  (Just in case you want to know the background story).  :)

 As parents we teach our children the ways that they should go with the hope that one day they will be wise enough to make good choices on their own.
God gave us the the freedom of choice with the hope that one day we'll decide to quit making our own choices and allow Him to make them for us. -Carisa Gourley

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